Ricardo Franco Marín

Ricardo Franco Marín is a Mexican born Director and animation student at Tecnologico de Monterrey. Ricardo always had a passion for stories and since he was a child he dreamt of the opportunity of becoming a film director. To tell interesting stories for a living. That's why in 2019 he moved to Vancouver to pursue his career as a filmmaker, studying film production at Vancouver Film school. Graduating in December 2020 but not before writing and directing Adamant.

With Adamant, a superhero drama, Ricardo debuts his first short film in hopes of exploring the relationship between parenthood and being a superhero. 

Now Ricardo is set to release a small animated short film titled Blow by Blow. A short about what drives people to keep moving forward.

Kyle Wilson

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Carol Dantas

Carol is a young, Brazilian professional actress. She's specialized in movies and productions such as the pilot episode of Singularity, some of St. Jude Filmes as Say it or (The Words of a Little Girl) and Neon Killer. Also more recently the short movie: RePlay.


Currently Carol recently graduated from the Film Production program at the Vancouver Film School, specializing in the fields of Production Design and Cinematography.


Now, back in Brazil she aspires to continue working in the industry as Actress but also enter the Art Department working mainly on feature films and TV series.

Marco Zodio

Marco Zodio is an Italian born filmmaker. Soon after high school he decided to leave his home country to start traveling. He has worked and studied abroad for the past nine years.

Through his travels around North America, Mexico, Asia and Oceania, he has discovered cultures and met incredible people from all over the world. As a result he has enriched his vision of the worlds society. From 2015 to 2017 he lived in Queenstown, New Zealand, where he discovered his passion for film making, inspired by the incredible landscape of the country.

In 2018 he got accepted at Vancouver Film School to start his studies on Film Production, His specializations included Producing and Post-Production.

He is passionate about documentaries, which drives him to pursue small projects about social and environmental topics. His most recent work can be found on his YouTube and Vimeo profiles. Marco's international experiences have given him a unique way to see the world, revealing exceptional results through the lens of his camera. He showcases, fearlessly, current problems and wonders of the planet Earth.

Sharmaine Flores

Sharmaine Flores is a film maker who was born and raised in Vancouver B.C. Since she was a child, she was always fascinated at people and their motives behind their actions. For her, those thoughts were always stemmed by film. After studying Psychology in college, the idea of translating these thoughts to a creative outlet is what made her decide to leap into film.


She soon attended Vancouver Film School in 2019, where she specialized in Post-Production and Directing. This lead her to becoming a 1st Assistant Director plus allowed her the opportunity to write and direct numerous short films. After graduating in Dec. 2020, she hopes to continue writing and directing.

Cory Rokes

Hailing from Michigan in the United States, Cory's back ground is in business management and marketing. While living in Washington D.C. in 2015; he joined the ska-punk band, Thirteen Towers, as the trumpet player. During this time he created and directed video content for the band and it was there he found his passion for film making.


In 2019 he moved to Vancouver B.C. to study at the Vancouver Film School, specializing in Directing and Producing. His goal was to find a way to dive head-first into the film industry and begin a career.


While in school he produced a host of short films including Adamant. He hopes to start a career producing feature films, television series, and OTT/Video-on-Demand content. He also hopes to break into directing more.

Full Adamant Crew

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