Mark Zeifman

Mark Zeifman

Mark Zeifman is no stranger to the film industry. He began his acting career in Toronto, Ontario, where he worked on several TV shows both as guest star and series regular. After receiving an Honours Degree in Film Studies from York University, Mark spent some time in New York City studying acting at the prestigious William Esper Studio in Manhattan, with a particular focus on the well known Meisner technique. Following his studies in New York City, and ready for a change of scenery, Mark relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he resides today.

Mark has had much success in Vancouver, working on shows such as Shut Eye, Rouge, and The Twilight Zone, to mention just a few. Aside from TV, Mark is heavily involved in the independent film circuit, where he has taken on some challenging and gritty roles. Recently Mark was recognized for his stellar work in ‘Lost on Loop,’ where he won Best Actor Award at the Vancouver Run and Gun Film festival.

Mark currently has two films in post production set to hit the film festival circuit upon completion.

Austin Siever


Austin Siever

Austin is a Canadian actor who was raised in Calgary, Alberta. In 2018, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in to pursue more opportunities in film & television.

Austin holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration with a major in Management. Shortly after graduating from Mount Royal University, Austin turned his focus towards acting which he always had an interest in. 


In 2017 he booked a small acting role in the critically acclaimed tv series, Fargo; which was his first television credit. Most recently Austin made his debut on the big screen for his supporting role in the 2020 film Parallel Minds.


Austin’s hobbies include: traveling, sports, and music.



Bobby Magee

For Bobby, this crazy journey called acting began on the evening of Nov 12, 1995 his fortieth birthday.  After parachuting off of a 300 foot tower in an attempt to address a rather poignant mid-life crisis, he was walking home and found himself outside the William Davis Centre for Acting studies. (BTW - Not that big a deal, he has over 6,000 skydives and a number of film and tv stunt credits in the discipline.)


Now, except for a forgettable walk-on spear carrier role in an Alpha High School theatre production, acting was not part of his life for the first 40 years, nor was it a career goal.  Being a stockbroker seemed like the place 

to be, but he was enamored with a couple of TV series that he planned his schedule around.  X-Files and Star Trek Next Generation. For you youngsters reading this, if you missed a scheduled broadcast time for an episode you were basically out of luck. 


Feeling well nigh invincible after the base jump he decided, on a whim, to check out the acting school. The rest as they say, is history.  In fact, one of the early highlights of his career is his X-Files credit.  Which led to a couple of Millenium roles , which led to a fair number of roles over the next 25 years.  It has been a fun ride and does not appear to be over yet.


Of note, a major medical procedure (coincidently, undergone the same day that Trump was elected US President) put his career on hold for a year.  So working in a variety of student productions, such as this one, helped him get back on his feet and back in the game.  With a return to episodic television and feature films in 2017. 


One thing, acting is often quite challenging, but is made infinitely easier when the production crew is supportive as was the case in this one, so Bobby would like to thank the cast and crew for making the Adamant shoot a very positive experience and looks forward to crossing paths with all of you in the years ahead!

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